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Eddie's Story
      Eddie was a really talented golfer. He was a great ball striker and could hit any kind of shot, except a putt. I always remember his one big tip to me: "Move the ball!" What he meant by this was when hitting your shot make sure you get it out there. Make sure you don't: top it, hit it fat, chunk it, or worst, wiff it. Make sure you make good contact and hit the ball flush. Never hit it short unless long will get you in trouble.
      Unfortunately, Eddie's putting was never up to his ball striking, which limited him to a 4 handicap. For some reason he just didn't have that skill to be a good putter. It could have been as simple as his eye site but we never discussed it.
      My thought on this are; it is better to be a good player and a not so good putter than to be a good putter and not good at the rest, as putting is not related to hitting a golf ball. You could be a good putter and never hit a good golf shot. Remember to Move the Ball.

The Perfect Drive
If you are flexible you should try to emulate this swing. Click here to watch this entire swing multiple times. But, if you are of the normal American stature this may be a problem. Flexibility is the key to a golf swing. There are ways around it but if you are flexible this is the proper swing for all normal fairway and driver shots. You may a different swing for putting; getting out of a sand trap or getting out of ruff. The position of the ball placement will vary for many situations. The one pictured here is a drive off a tee or a fairway shot.
PGA West Stadium Golf Course, Palm Desert, CA
Could it be my grips? Read Chuck's Story ...........If you have tried everything to fix your problem, maybe it's the grips?
PGA West Stadium Golf Course, Palm Desert, CA

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