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Par Distance Chart      
Chuck's Story
      My great friend Chuck and I played golf with over ten years. He golf game was a 15 handicap. But his real handicap was his ego. He never took enough club and was always short. "I just didn't get all of it," was his go to phrase. This wasn't his only problem though. He had a very weak grip, causing a weak fade or slice. Unfortunately, I was never able to convince him to change his grip or take one extra club. He was just too stubborn. The point of this story is that unless you are willing to make changes or listen to advice, you will never get better!!! It is usually better to take one extra club and swing smoothly than to swing really hard. Forget your ego.
Arrowood Golf Course , Oceanside, CA       You should always be realistic about your game and your physical limitations. We all can't be super limber and athletic and talented like the Pros. They hit hundreds of balls almost every day and don't spend much of the day sitting behind a desk at work, like you probably do. Your goal to better golf is dictated by how motivated you are to spend the time working on your game, and limited by your skill set.
Arrowood Golf Course , Oceanside, CA       To feel better about your game and make it more enjoyable, only you can decide how much time and effort YOU are willing to put in to it. Plus, be honest with yourself about physical limitations. I know a lady who took first in a 10 mile marathon when she was in her 90's while another friend's feet won't let her walk without a walker when it's cold, and she's only 40. Maybe you can't do things like you used to do; but think about it and find another way to get the same result.
Arrowood Golf Course , Oceanside, CA

Replace a club to reduce temptation
      For years playing one particular golf course I was able to shoot sub par rounds with some regularity. I accomplished this all by avoiding the bunkers. The "sand" in the bunkers was really bad and poorly maintained making it hard to get up and down.
      The par five's were reachable so of course I would use my 3 wood to get on the green in 2 and try for an eagle. If I missed the green, my ball would inevitably end up in one of the greenside bunkers. This almost always ended up a par or worst! After a while I realized that if I was short of the bunkers, a simple pitch shot or chip shot would put me in a position to make a birdie.
      My solution was simply to replace my 3 wood with my 4 wood on that course. The 3 wood wouldn't even be in the bag so there was no temptation. I had confidence that hitting it as long as I could, the ball would end up just short of the bunkers. After the temptation was eliminated, I was able to par the hole at worst; but many times get my birdie; thus lowering my scores.

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Arrowood Golf Course , Oceanside, CA
Par Distance Chart
      It is assumed that golfers will 2 putt and the rest of the par strokes are how many strokes to get to the green from the tee. The USGA guidelines for par are as follows:
Par Men Amateur Women Amateur
Par 3 0-250 yards 0-210 yards
Par 4 251-470 yards 211-400 yards
Par 5 471-690 yards 401-575 yards
Par 6 691+ yards 576+ yards
Concentrate on low scores on par 3's because there is not as much room for errors.

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