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Why they matter

Why do I need to clean my grips? Read Fred's Story ...........Get the grime off of your Grips and Groves.

      Most of the time when you buy clubs, they come with crappy, cheap grips that are usually too small. I have small hands and they are always to thin, even for me. They don't take the end user into consideration when putting these on. Not only do they use cheap grips but they may only use one wrap of tape or worst yet, none under the grip.
      Every time I buy a set of clubs, I always re-griped them right away. You might not want to do this so see what options the manufacturer or the store you are buying from offers. The correct size of the grip is very important as it will affect every shot you make. Too small and you might grip the club to hard in order to hold on. Too large this might make you loss feel or tend to push you shot, and for slice it. This isn't good. How much you play can be a factor. The more you play the more you have to replace them, costing money and if you put them on yourself, time.
      I play a lot of golf and hate to keep re-griping my clubs. It's not just the cost but a lot of times when your golf shop puts new ones on they don't do what you ask. My solution was twofold. First I learn how to re-grip the clubs myself and get them just right for me. Second I use full cord grips which last and last a really long time. Plus, they are good in all weather conditions; not like some other types.       I played without a glove and never get blisters from using these since I hold the clubs properly. (Hogan never used a glove.) Playing with or without a glove will make a difference in the size grip you need. Some of the soft tacky grips can get real sticky in heat and slippery in cold. As you see you should choose carefully, it will make a difference in you score.

Is my grip really that important? Read Chuck's Story ...........If you have tried everything to fix your problem, maybe it's the grips?

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