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Most golfer wear a glove to play golf. Years ago when I was a kid I didn't wear one for cost reasons. When I got older I started wearing one since this was the school of thought and most pros used gloves to play. Not wanting to buy a new glove over and over, when I hit balls on the range, I did not wear my glove to save the ware and tare. Then when I realized I was hitting the ball as good if not better without one I decided to give up wearing one altogether. This not only saved me money but I had more feel of the club, especially in the short game. The other benefit was to make me swing a little slower and control the ball better. Periodically my mind is thinks, "I going to rip it", but when my hands touch the grip that thought vanishes. You will have to decide if this is good for you. Most golfers are better wearing a glove but you need to decide for yourself. The same is for putting: glove or no glove; you make the choice!
Your grips may not be the right ones for you. Check that out before decide on a glove or not.

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