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Bert's Story
      Bert was the BEST golf buddy I ever had. No one that I ever knew loved golf as much as he did. When I met him through a neighbor, we started playing golf together. He had a really good old style swing and a natural draw, unlike most golfers who have a slice. After a few rounds he asked me to help him improve his game. Since his ball striking was excellent I had to start with the clubs he was using that were completely wrong for him.
      He was 55 years old with a driver speed around 85 mph. He had a set of D4 swing weight blades with stiff steel shafts. He had stiff steel shafts woods with a 9 degree Driver. All in all this was a disaster for his age and strength. I told him he was playing the wrong clubs and what he really needed. I made him a set of ping knock offs with a lite weight shaft and a low kick point. I found a set of woods with an 11 degree loft along with a 5 & 7 woods. Bert never could hit a 3 wood from the fairway or rough so we did without. He had a good putter and this was his best part of his game so we decided to keep it. What a difference! WOW!
      Bert's other problem was that he had no concept of managing the game. Case in point, he would get in a tough spot and just take a club and swing without thinking what he wanted to do with the shot. I would ask him where do you want to end up? He didn't think about it at all. YOU CAN'T HIT A BALL AND NOT KNOW WHERE IT WILL END UP. Golf is played one shot at a time. Your shot might not end up where you wanted it go. I was able to take Bert from a 100 shooter to an 85 shooter within less than a year. Fixing his clubs and poor strategy was really all he needed.

Ball Placement
Club Ball Placement
Driver (Wood) 1
2 Wood 2
3 Wood 2
4 Wood 2
5 Wood 2
Hybrid (Rescue Club) 3
1 Iron 3
2 Iron 3
3 Iron 3
4 Iron 3
5 Iron 4
6 Iron 4
7 Iron 5
8 Iron 6
9 Iron 6
Sand Wedge 7
Pitching Wedge 7
As a generally rule, place the ball more towards your front foot with the Driver and then about an inch back farther as the club number gets larger. The 3 wood is a little further back than your 5 wood and further than a hybrid, and so on, until you use your wedges. Now remember this will be for a standard, flat shot and not for the variety of situations you will get in to. You may have an uphill lie or a downhill lie, or the wind direction, or a fluffy lie or you are on hardpan.

Golf Shops and Pro Shops
      The first thing you should do is to be honest about your game. I know those really sleek forged blades look great, but unless you are really good-don't even think about it; and they cost more! Pick out a few clubs that most likely fits your game and also will look pleasing to you. I am not kidding, if it doesn't look good in your eyes it won't work for you and you will probably be back to return it later.
      Hit the clubs you picked out in the hitting station. Make sure the computer is set up correctly since this will give you the correct feedback on you shots. If there isn't any real difference from the numbers the computer give you, go with the one that feels better or looks better to you.
      Let me explain why you should have some knowledge of shafts, club head styles, materials, lengths, etc.
      Years past whether you went to a golf shop, a mega store, or even the pro shop on your course, you were pretty much left clueless or worst told the worst thing for you. Just for fun, I would go into one of these golf shops and pretend not to know much about clubs. Eight out of ten times they would give me the wrong advice, or try to sell me "this brand" because they would make more money, or they just couldn't sell them. Of course I wouldn't let them know I knew better, but sometimes I would ask them why these clubs and not the others. They would make up something.
      Sometimes the worst place to purchase clubs is at your pro shop on the course. I know you want to support your pro however he has limited brands and higher prices. I don't want to knock the club pro as they work a million hours a week and don't really get a chance to play golf. They are busy giving lessons and trying to make a buck from their pro shop. They do not make the money they deserve. I had a chance to work as a pro for a few courses, but when I realized how many hours I had to work and not play golf as much as I wanted-no way.       The moral of all this is that the more you know the more you will be empowered when you are buying clubs. Luckily there are many sites on the web that compare different clubs and combinations that you should help you be able to make better choices. I am always watching these to gain knowledge, even if I am not in the market to buy new clubs.
      Finally, the whole reason that I started my web site was to help you navigate thru all this crap and give you honest information. I am not making any money from my site, but I really want to help You. I do want to stress again that my site is for the beginner or higher handicap golfers. It may serve to help anyone who just didn't get all that golf talk.

Why do I need to clean my grips? Read Fred's Story ...........Get the grime off of your Grips and Groves.

This pictures show you the difference in club lengths as they lay Driver thru Wedge. The camera has added a bit of distortion because these were all very square and leveled so the bottoms were each at the same level.

Standard Club Length Chart
              Men             and           Women
Steel Graphite Club Steel Graphite
44" 44.5" Driver 43" 43.5"
42.5" 43" 3 Wood 41.5" 42"
42" 42.5" 4 Wood 41" 41.5"
41.5" 42" 5 Wood 40.5" 41"
41" 41.5" 7 Wood 40" 40.5"
41" 41.5" 9 Wood 40" 40.5"
40.5" 41" 11 Wood 39.5" 40"
40" 40.5" 13 Wood 39" 39.5"
39.5" 40" 1 Iron 38.5" 39"
39" 39.5" 2 Iron 38" 38.5"
38.5" 39" 3 Iron 37.5" 38"
38" 38.5" 4 Iron 37" 37.5"
37.5" 38" 5 Iron 36.5" 37"
37" 37.5" 6 Iron 36" 36.5"
36.5" 37" 7 Iron 35.5" 36"
36" 36.5" 8 Iron 35" 35.5"
35.5" 36" 9 Iron 34.5" 35"
35" 35.5" Wedge 34" 34.5"

Are my clubs the right length for ME? Check the length of your clubs. If you are buying clubs make sure you measure this before buying a set. The length can be adjusted to make them longer or shorter. Here is the recommended adjustment you should make from the standard lengths.
Height w/Shoes Wrist to Floor Change
over 6'8" over 42" + 2"
6'6" - 6'8" 41" - 42" + 1.5"
6'4" - 6'6" 40" - 41" + 1"
6'2" - 6'4" 38.5" - 40" + .5"
6'1" - 6'2" 37" - 38.5" + .25"
5'7" - 6'1" 34" - 37" Standard
5'4" - 5'7" 32" - 37" - .25"
5'2" - 5'4" 29" - 34" - .5"
5'- 5'2" 27" - 29" - 1"
4'10" - 5' 25" - 27" - 1.5"
under - 4'10" under 25" - 2"

This picture shows you the difference in the club lofts (angle) between the irons from the 58 degree Lob Wedge on the top & left to the 5 Iron on the bottom and right.

Trajectory When you want know if you have the right club to get over something, lay the club on the ground pointing the grip toward where you want to go and step on the face of the club. This will give you a trajectory of where you can expect the ball to go if you hit it in the center of the face of that club. For most of you, just think of it like all of the video game you've played. Remember to consider the wind factor. This graph may help. Provided by

The irons faces change in size, shape, thickness and weight. If one doesn't work well for you, try the next one up or back.

Here are the woods and hybrid clubs that I carry in my bag. You can see they aren't even from one set. I futz with my club to get what I want out of them. You probably don't need to do that because when a manufacture says a specification on a club today, it is provably accurate.
Correct ball position when making Ball Contact with the face of any of your clubs.

No matter how you spell it, you found the right place.