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Cleaning your clubs is seldom addressed though not doing it will ruin your club quickly. In order to keep your clubs ready for you to play and to make sure they are cared for properly. You need to wash your clubs and grips right after ever round of golf, before the grime won't come off. The grips can become hard and slippery if you don't wash them with warm water and get all the oil and dirt off of them. Not only will this keep them looking and feeling new, but they will last a lot longer too. Grips are not cheap and it is a pain to have your clubs re-gripped.

      Here is a club I swing outside on a fake grass mat to loosen up my body. You don't really need anything expensive or hard to use. Just get an old toothbrush and a powder cleaner. The sprays are not going to do anything because grease is not the problem.

      I rarely clean it because it doesn't see the golf course. But here you can see what happens after 1 minute with a tooth brush and powered cleaner.

      The bottom of this club took a little more elbow grease because there were remains of lead tape on it that combined with what looked like melted grass carpet on it. But as you can see, it is cleanable.

Fred's Story
      Fred and I used to play with off and on. He would leave his clubs in the trunk of the car and just took them out when he went to play. He never cleaned them or even thought about them until he was at the golf course. The grips on his clubs were years old, if not the very same grips that came with the clubs when he bought them. He never cleaned them and did not even know that you could replace them.
      The grips were hard and slippery not to mention they were the wrong size for him. The groves on his irons were impacted with harden mud rendering the groves useless. Once on a very hot day we went out for a round. Much to our surprise, when he took a swing with his four iron the head flew off with the ball. He was panic stricken until I reassured him we could reattach the head. I re-griped and cleaned his clubs that week. That took 5 strokes off his handicap in one cleaning.

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