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For Your Clubs
Storage       Weather Conditions       Adjusting the clubs      

Think about how you store your clubs!
Leaving your clubs in the trunk of your car is the worst thing you can do, whether if it is hot or cold. Don't store your clubs in your garage either because of the various temperate, either too hot or too cold.
I always try to clean and care for my clubs after I get home or at least cleaned them before my next round. Golf is hard enough so why would you make it harder when your clubs are not ready?

Why do I need to clean my grips? Read Fred's Story ...........Get the grime off of your Grips and Groves.

Lightning! Go for cover! 58 Golfers die every year because they wouldn't wait out the storm. Do you want to be a statistic or play another round of golf?
Weather may not affect you but it affects everything else.
Adjusting the clubs
These are some of the tools I use to check and adjust my golf clubs.

These next tools are to tweak your clubs if you just can't get someone to do it for you. Very few golfers ever use let alone see one of these tools. Just the same, since I have them available they are worth a few words.

This is used to adjust the loft or straighten a bent club

This scale is to check swing weight of the club when used longways.>>>>>>>

The same scale will check dead weight of the club when used crossways.

No matter how you spell it, you found the right place.