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Send me a picture or a video of your golf swing. I will personally look it over and tell you what is going wrong and how to fix it.
You could also send me a picture or video of a golf hole that gives you trouble. Tell me what course and what hole too. I can tell you have to manage this hole in general or if you send me a video of your golf swing, I can tell you how You should manage this hole.

Bethpage Black Course

Email questions and comments to
If you just want to send a picture under 20Mb but maybe less for your email provider, just go ahead and send it directly to
Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, Long Island,  NY

To send large video files, you have some choices.
Everyone knows Youtube
A new one to me is Box
OneDrive in Outlook
You might haveDropbox
Goggle Drive is inside Gmail

Feel free to use other options you know of.
Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, Long Island,  NY
Upload your video to Youtube and send me a link in an email. This does make it public. So if you don't want anyone else to see it, don't use Youtube.
Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, Long Island,  NY is new to me but I have already received items thru their service. Just open an account, which was free to me, and follow the directions.
Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, Long Island,  NY
If you use Outlook there is something called OneDrive inside that will allow you to send large file. Check it out.
Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, Long Island,

If you have a Dropbox account (it's free) you can just attach the file to an email. You will have a Dropbox folder on your computer where you can put the video or picture to send to me. Create a share folder just for me at Then follow the instructions if you have not already used it before.
Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, Long Island,  NY

Goggle Drive (in side of Gmail) Since so many people have Gmail accounts this may be the most logical choice for you. Besides even I could do this. so just follow the prompts. Here are the instructions.
1. On your computer, open Gmail.
2. Click Compose.
3. Click Goggle Drive.
4. Select the files you want to attach.
5. At the bottom of the page, decide how you want to send the file: " Drive link: This works for any files stored in Drive, including files created using Goggle Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms.
" Attachment: This only works for files that weren't created using Goggle Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms.
6. Click Insert.
7. They you will be prompted with: Sharing settings for Google Drive files When you attach a Google Drive file to a message, Gmail checks to see if your recipients have access to the file. If they don't, you'll be prompted to change the sharing settings of the file before you send your message. Share with anyone who has the link If you choose "Anyone with the link" as your sharing setting, you can choose whether people can view, comment in, or edit the file. If the message is forwarded or new people are added to the conversation, they'll have the same permissions as the people you originally sent the message to. Recipients don't need to have a Google Account to see or edit the file. Share only with email recipients If you only want your message's recipients to be able to see or edit the file, click "More options" when you're prompted to change your file settings. If you keep the file private, recipients won't be able to see it if: " They don't have a Google Account " The email address you used isn't a Google account " They got the message through a mailing list (unless the mailing list is managed through Google Groups and the file is shared with the Group) Note: If a file can't be shared with others, Gmail will let you know and you may have to contact the original file owner to adjust the sharing settings. Sharing options if you use Gmail through your work, school, or other organization If you use Gmail through your work, school, or other organization, your administrator may restrict which files you can share, and who you can share them with. Only people with a Goggle Account can see Goggle Drive files you attach in Gmail.

I make no recommendations on this. You need to make that selection for yourself.
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