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Who & What
Thanks for finding my Website, even it was by accident. My Website is intended to help golfers enjoy playing Golf more. It is for the average player who wants to learn why his or her game isn't better and how to fix it without complicated techniques and terms and confusion and without trying to swim thru the endless advertising.
I will impart my life long experience of play and teaching golf to you directly. If you would like to know more about me see the bottom of this page or click here.

When & Where
Every Sunday night a Weekly Golf Tips and Reminders will be posted on this site to help you better understand Golf and improve your golf game, whether it is for your own satisfaction or because you need to impress someone. There is a lot of information to cover so if you want an answer to a question that hasn't been posted yet, just ask and I will email you the answer.

Why & How
Most people go golfing so they can play with their friends with little or no regard for the strict rules of the game, proper golf etiquette or posting a real score. You will be able to replace frustration with a smile when you understand what to do and why, so Your Golf Game improves. You are invited to send me a video of your golf swing or send me a picture from a tee, fairway or hole that gives you trouble frequently. I will tell you how to improve your game.

This service is free but after your game improves if you wish to show your gratitude financially, via PayPal, 50% will go to the St. Jude's Hospital.

The purpose of this Golf Site is not to give you "GOLF LESSONS" as such, but to personally answer your questions and solve your problems with your golf game. There are hundreds if not thousands of Golf instructions and lessons on the WEB. It can be a daunting task to not only to understand, but weed thru the information to find something that works for you. One site tells you one thing and the other says another. I am hoping to eliminate this by tell you in real simple non golf terms so you can really understand. If I ever answer you and you don't get it, please make sure you keep bugging me till I can click with you, as I am not in this for money or ego. I really want to help YOU!

Who am I
    I started swinging Golf clubs at 6 or 7 years old. My Dad was a fanatical Golfer and of course I wanted to be like him. My brother, standing in the front yard and I in the back yard, would hit Wiffle balls over our house to each other to perfect our aim. When we got a little older my dad would take us to the driving range. Sometimes we stood at either end of the local high school football field and hit hundreds of ball at each other. We would also shag for the golf balls my Dad hit and hit them back at him.
    Through the years, I played a lot of Golf, and got very good. I have given Golf instructions to all levels of Golfers. I built custom Golf Clubs for many years for friends and their friends that played Golf. I have probably forgotten more about Golf then I can remember. Perhaps stories of the golfers I've known will help your game. Click on the name to link to the page with the story.

Look for this icon to read more stories about real golfers.
Andy's Story ...........Playing the next shot without anger and rage
Bert's Story ...........Where do you want the ball to land?.....He had stiff steel shafts...
Chuck's Story ..........His real handicap was his ego.
Don's Story ...........Chill Out!
Eddie's Story ...........Move the Ball!
Fred's Story ...........Get the grime off of your Grips and Groves.

Watch for Newbie Notes to help your game.
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No matter how you spell it, you found the right place.
I could write for a year on all of the aspects of golf but there is not enough time. So, I will cover as brief explanation on this site and suggest where to find more details on the internet.